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July 9, 2020

Your Totally DIY Self-Care Day

Reset your body and mind with our one-day guide to self-care at home.

"Self-care” is not just a buzz word used to sell bath bombs and spa packages. Practicing mindfulness and reducing stress can have tangible results on your physical and mental health, not to mention your future healthcare costs. 

Even in the absence of a global pandemic and nationwide social distancing orders, we have become accustomed to taking on such high levels of stress that we often forget what “normal” feels like. Ring any bells? 

Whether you are sheltering-in-place alone for the 4th month straight, an essential worker with one precious day off or a parent somehow holding down a job and making sure your kids are learning from home, we have put together a one-day guide to inspire you to take time for yourself. No guilt. No to-do list. It’s time to reset your body and mind. 

Don’t set an alarm 

How often do you let yourself wake up naturally? When you use an alarm, your body is forced awake without regard to your natural sleep cycle. Do yourself a favor and skip the alarm today.


If you only do one stretch every day, let it be Cat/Cow pose. This simple flow releases tension in the spine and neck, relieves lower back and menstrual pain and is believed to activate the second chakra, which is meant to promote creativity and focus. For visual instruction, watch this video

Cook Breakfast 

Studies show that cooking from scratch is not only better for your health, but can also promote self-confidence. Scramble an egg or fry up some french toast and enjoy a much-welcome detour from your everyday routine.  

“Do not disturb”

Resist the urge to check your inbox or scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning. In fact, ban social media for the entire day. Scientists believe that high social media consumption may be correlated with negative mental health effects

Dance, party of one

Get a little sweaty and a lot happy by tuning into Ryan Heffington’s all-levels dance party, Sweatfest. These affirming groove sessions often include lip-synching into a hairbrush, dramatically removing spare articles of clothing and special guest appearances by the likes of Emma Stone and Pink. 

Take a bath

Light some candles, play one of your favorite albums and soak until you’re pruny. The key to self-care day is doing things outside of your ordinary routine that make you feel good. 

Quiet your mind

Incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine can have profound effects on your well-being. Headspace offers guides, prompts, tutorials and articles for all levels of experience. 

Make something tangible

Use what you have on hand. Can you build, craft or paint something? Work on a puzzle? Baking absolutely counts. Especially this recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies to ever grace an oven.   

Blend up a DIY facemask and watch a guilty pleasure TV show (or two or three)

Check out these 8 DIY mask recipes with tasty ingredients you already have in your kitchen (good luck not eating them). As for TV, experts agree that it’s ok to let yourself indulge every once in a while. So if you want to spend your self-care day watching an entire season of Too Hot to Handle or taking a deep-dive into the Dr. Who filmography, then damn it you deserve it! 

Call someone you love

Remind them you love them. Remind yourself that you are not alone. No matter how isolated you may feel, remember that you have a community of people who love and support you as you are right now. 

Sip a cocktail and watch the sunset

Mix up something special (our go-to’s: basil gimlet or mezcal negroni) and post up to watch the sun set on your day of self-care. To achieve ultimate relaxation, add a few drops of Remedio’s 1000mg CBD oil Drops to your cocktail and enjoy new levels of calm.

Support your local restaurants

Skip the chain establishments and order takeout from a local restaurant. They need your support to stay afloat during this time plus you won’t have to clean up the kitchen after dinner. Now if sparing yourself from doing chores isn’t self-care, then we don’t know what is. 

Watch a “live” performance

When was the last time you attended a performance? Thespie, a UK ticketing website, now offers a roundup of streamable plays, musicals, concerts, artists talks and more. Our rec? Don’t miss your chance to view Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s incredible one-woman show, Fleabag, that inspired the Amazon Prime series. 

Get the best sleep of your life 

To help you wind down, take Remedio’s Rest drops 30 minutes before bed. The elevated levels of CBN (a naturally occurring hemp cannabinoid) helps your mind and body relax and promotes a deep sleep- the perfect cap to your day of self-care. Make sure to give yourself 8 hours to sleep, avoid screens before bed and congratulate yourself for prioritizing your emotional and physical wellness for one glorious day.

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