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August 20, 2020

Same products you love, now at a lower price

We think everyone should benefit from the hemp plant. That's why we've lowered all of our prices by as much as 60%.

From day one, our mission has been to provide everyone with the chance to experience the healing powers of the hemp plant through our top-quality CBD drops and topical. Today, we’re excited to announce a permanent price drop to all of our products, making it easier and more affordable to reap the benefits of incorporating CBD products into your wellness regimen.

When we founded Remedio Wellness at the beginning of 2019, there was very little transparency in the burgeoning hemp-based wellness industry. While we had experienced the benefits of hemp in our own lives, we wanted to be sure that whatever we put into our bodies was nothing but the best on the market. After months of testing and searching, we found what we consider to be the best CBD extract on the market.

Since then, a lot has changed in the world of CBD. Hemp agriculture in the United States has grown more than threefold. While not all of it meets our meticulous quality standards, the influx in supply has resulted in a lower cost to produce hemp extract—a savings most businesses operating in the high-quality hemp segment have yet to pass on to their customers. We’ve decided that we shouldn’t be the only ones benefiting from an industry price decrease. We want everyone—with emphasis on everyone—to be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Starting today, you can purchase our products from as low as $29. Have our formulations changed? Absolutely not. Is there a difference in quality? No way. We promise the same quality CBD extract you know and love—at prices up to 60% lower—all to help you live the life you know you deserve.

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