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Published on
July 27, 2020

Everything about dosage, more or less

So, you’re ready to explore the many profound health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). But what and how much should you take?

We’re so glad you asked. Today we’re exploring the basics of CBD dosage to help you decide where to start. 

Understanding CBD concentration

With so many products on the market, it can be challenging to decipher just how much CBD is in each dose. CBD capsules and edibles typically specify the CBD weight per unit, but with oils and tinctures, the dose is up to you. The first important thing to note is that each tincture will tell you how much CBD by weight is in the entire bottle. The product will also tell you the volume of liquid in the bottle. Most droppers have a capacity of 1mL, meaning you could get 30 full droppers of oil from a 30mL (1 oz) bottle. To determine the amount of CBD in one dropper, just divide the total CBD weight by the volume. So for a 30mL (1 oz) bottle of 1000mg CBD oil, one dropper-full carries about 33mg of CBD.

Factors to consider

Your weight, mode of CBD ingestion and tolerance will all affect how much CBD enters your system. As you might expect, someone with a higher weight may need to consume more CBD than a lighter person to achieve the same benefits. Similarly, if you use CBD often, you may find that your tolerance increases over time and you need to up your intake to get the same results. 

When it comes to the method of CBD absorption, there are four main categories: Sublingual tinctures, edibles, vapes and topicals. Sublingual tinctures, such as our 1000mg Drops, are administered under the tongue, where it allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream. For optimal uptake, drops should be held under the tongue for about 30 seconds or swished around in the mouth. Using this method, you may feel effects within 20 minutes or so and the CBD may stay in your system for up to 6 hours. Edible CBD products, like gummies and capsules, first need to be digested before they can reach your bloodstream. This is called first-pass metabolism. Due to the extra step, it may take an hour or two for you to feel the effects. Vaping products allow for the quickest absorption of CBD into the bloodstream (through millions of tiny capillaries in the lungs), but also correspond with the shortest effect. Topicals are a great way to target a specific pain area, as CBD is absorbed through the skin to the local bloodstream, but it takes much longer for CBD to reach the rest of the body. For the best results, pair a topical CBD cream like Remedio’s Soothe Balm with a sublingual tincture.

Rule of thumb: start small

While there is currently no standard recommended dose, you should know that there is little risk of negative side-effects from taking too large a dose. To give you an example, studies that administered high doses of CBD (up to 1500mg per day, equivalent to an entire bottle or more of Remedio Drops) for periods of up to 3 months showed no significant negative results in participants. 

If you’re not sure how much to take, the best thing you can do is start small (around 10mg per day, say), keep notes on your dosage and the effects and slowly increase your intake until you reach a comfortable balance. Most CBD-users take somewhere between 10mg-100mg per day, but again, that will vary greatly depending on your physiology and your desired therapeutic effect. 

Some of the most commonly reported therapeutic benefits of CBD include pain reduction, decreased stress and anxiety and improved sleep. For targeted pain, you may consider combining a topical and a sublingual dose of CBD and scale up based upon your level of discomfort. Similarly, even a small dose of CBD can have calming effects but you might want to experiment with a larger dose if your stress level is particularly high. Sleep is an interesting one. Did you know that some studies indicate a small dose of CBD may have stimulating effects while a larger one can result in drowsiness? If you’re hoping to improve your sleep, you might want to avoid micro-dosing and start with a conservative but moderate amount. 

Where to go from here 

Now that you have a broader understanding of the factors at play in determining your ideal dosage, selecting your product and CBD concentration is a good place to begin. Since Remedio tinctures are all the same volume, comparing the concentrations is easy. Whatever you choose, we encourage you to start small, experiment and most importantly, listen to your body.

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